Her family situation is also different- the issue of her father, Langley, is never brought up, but as in the anime, she does want her mother's attention and love. Name: Asuka Langley Sohryu. They both learn to live with each other however, she seems cheerful when getting a call from home. For this same reason, Asuka prefers to chase after the adult Ryoji Kaji though he ignores her advances. by Crystal Walker. When Shinji was intrigued of this, she replies that "I just put it on". Please point the links to a newer source, or modify the article or section to no longer require them. "An easily recognizable silhouette is also important, but I designed the characters so that their personalities could be more or less understood at a glance. Asuka continues to go on in this manner but Shinji eventually breaks down and chokes her. Asuka is 1/4 Japanese and 1/4 German (from her mother Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu's side), although her nationality is American, as is, apparently, her father's. You must appreciate this gift of fortune." [4] When Rei defeats the Angel with the Lance of Longinus, Asuka is recovered, Shinji tries hesitantly to comfort Asuka, but she is furious by having been saved by Rei, which is yet another perceived humiliation for her. As a consequence of these needs, Asuka loves to pilot an Evangelion for the positive attention she receives, but beyond that, Asuka seems to have a genuine zest for piloting, because it makes her feel powerful. During the time he is in The Human Instrumentality Project, he and Asuka both conflict with each other. During the blackout, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei have to manually infiltrate Nerv HQ, with Asuka assuming the self-appointed leadership of their party. This also goes for some of her friends. Characters in the Japanese writing system that are borrowed from Chinese and represent words, as opposed to hiragana and katakana, which represent syllables. At the end of the series, she is shown attending school alongside Shinji and Rei, starting up a normal life after Gendo's death and the defeat of the Angels. Asuka takes part in the tests with the simulation bodies in the Pribnow Box along with Shinji and Rei. She has German and Japanese blood and US citizenship. Despite her outer strength, Asuka does not have inner happiness. She is attending school with the rest of the children in order to learn kanji.[6]. That's all this is. There are flashbacks to Asuka repeatedly insulting Shinji and Asuka saying "You can't understand me, how could you possibly think of understanding me?!". Asuka is deeply hurt by her mother'… -. [10], Episode 22 shows Asuka internally complaining of this. And then it gets even worse, when an angel is able to make Asuka confront repressed memories of her traumatic past. By the time of the third movie, she is 28, but retains her teenage body because of the growth retardation effect of LCL. She is stubborn and having difficulties in express her true feelings to others. Also, when Asuka initially finds Shinji and orders him to come see Eva-02 with her, she is standing at the top of an escalator he is riding. Second Child Asuka's hair is loose with the flanks held in twin tails with her red Interface Headset. Blood type: A. Her guardian in the series is Misato Katsuragi, who is also the guardian of Shinji. They open up a dialogue about east vs. west, feminine vs. masculine, and harmony vs. individualism, among other important philosophical conflicts. Episode 22 demonstrates that Asuka also tries to appear totally independent in order to distance herself from the sadness caused by her mother’s death, swearing that she would never cry again. Asuka's new stepmother initially tried to bond with Asuka, but she ended up being discouraged as she found the young girl's overly serious disposition for her age and coldness towards her to be somewhat disturbing, and the two have kept each other at a mutual distance ever since. Asuka is the character with the most consistent "color scheme" in the series. However, because Asuka does not pilot out of a pure warrior’s spirit, she is trapped in the same bind that Shinji Ikari is, of being unable to have an identity separate from an Evangelion. Please discuss this issue, or begin editing the page. Similarly to SIRP, Asuka is Shinji's childhood friend and has strong feelings for him. I thought that Asuka would occupy the position of an "idol" in the Eva world, and that [Asuka and] Shinji should be just like the relationship between Nadia and Jean." Her mother's death and her father's infidelity and remarriage have left deep scars on Asuka's psyche. Please discuss this issue, or begin editing the page. Asuka was born and raised in Germany, living a horrible childhood that left her scarred for life. Wrathful. She dislikes the home at first, because she is not accustomed to living in Japan. She shows a great pride for being the pilot of EVA-02 and that's also shown by the fact she always wears these red clips … Then stormed off to her room. He then goes on to masturbate to the sight. In literature, these are called foil characters. When Shinji asks what the Angel's are and why they are attacking, Asuka remarks that they have to fight back at the strange beings attacking them. Kyoko's husband leaves her, and she is left crying every night over him as Asuka watches. Hobby Due to Asuka and Shinji's respective interpersonal difficulties, the kiss does not go well, and despite her overt reaction, Asuka is secretly deeply disappointed by Shinji's awkward reaction. This, followed by a mind-rape from Arael that forced Asuka to relive childhood trauma, and then being rescued by Rei Ayanami, whom she despised, started a breakdown that lead to a nearly comatose state in which she cared about nothing. This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 07:06. However, it is revealed by the end of the episode that those girls were instead beastmen in disguise. Asuka Langley Castle Age is on Facebook. Most notably, she talks to and plays with a hand puppet (while Asuka Soryu had a deep hatred of dolls) when in low spirits (her first night at Misato's). Misato KatsuragiRyoji KajiShinji IkariRei AyanamiHikari HorakiToji Suzuhara She is constantly seen berating Misato for various things, ranging from her preferring Shinji to her messy apartment. Following this, Asuka showed frustration with Shinji’s accepting nature and reflexive apologies, often arguing with him[9], but Asuka also flirted with Shinji and seemed disappointed when he didn’t respond. However, Asuka stops him with a gentle caress of her hand across Shinji's cheek. She is also incredibly prideful and balks at the thought of anyone else surpassing her. It can also express discomfort at their situation and/or the experiences of Instrumentality. Main articles: Episode 8, Episode 9 Asuka and Eva 02 are transported from Germany to Japan by the Pacific Fleet. When Asuka makes her first appearance, she is standing facing the "camera" silhouetted against the Sun behind her, just as Rei is often seen against the moon. September 26, 1981. She is extremely prideful at lets that get in the way to the extent that she can't be open about her feeling's. Other characters include Mahoro from Mahoromatic, Nono, and Lal'c from Diebuster. During Sahaquiel's attack, after Eva-01 catches the angel first, Eva-00 and Eva-02 arrive to dispatch it, with Asuka delivering the killing blow with her Prog knife. She expresses this to him before arriving in Tokyo-3 by dismissing her as boring. All rights reserved. She first appears in the second movie and holds the rank of captain in the Euro airforce. Patient Overview: Through observations taken during our admission process, we believe that the patient will show an intense negative reaction to her institutionalization, as she has argued and fought with staff all throughout the process. She is very energetic. Going by Asuka's birthday, she is actually 13 for the majority of the series, as opposed to 14 (the "official age" for Eva pilots). Asuka's personality in 3.0 is that of a 28 year old, although her body remains at the physical age of 14 (due to a phenomenon she calls Curse of Eva). As an interesting aside, Sadamoto also suggested during conceptualization of Eva that the relationship between Asuka and Shinji would be similar to the relationship between Jean, Nadia's love interest and eventual husband in the earlier Nadia. Main article: Petit Eva: [email protected]'. They constantly get into fights and Asuka is shown to be jealous of Rei and particularly Kaworu. Not only that, she is aggressive and can be very opinionated. But If I cant have you all to myself, then I don't what any of you" that is proving that Asuka is willing to accept Shinji but in a very controlling manner, although Shinji just responds saying "Why cant you just be nicer to me"? Shinji goes to Asuka who is currently in a comatose state in the hospital, and pleads that he needs her help. He is always called by his last name, Kaji. Or spite, as in "How Disgusting" you are is ambiguous. In that episode, we see her becoming very jealous of Rei Ayanami. Zodiac Sign. "Making something... Nurturing something is really great. Asuka is a Japanese professional wrestler known for her successful wrestling career under the popular wrestling promotion, WWE. While Misato and Kaji are out at a wedding, Asuka asks Shinji if he wants to kiss, claiming she is bored. She wears a red watch on her wrist. She also has a costume that resembles Rei. When she asks why, Misato convinces her that she wouldn't want to pilot any other Eva but Eva-02 anyway -- though Misato does not tell her Eva-02 is not, in fact, interchangeable at all. Along the way, the trio discovers that the ninth angel Matarael is attacking the base. Unfortunately, this caused her to go insane and almost kill Asuka before finally committing suicide, traumatizing her. (After the "Wall of Jericho" sequence from Episode 09, in which Shinji didn’t take to her reverse psychology), "You won’t help me! Your pathetic!" She is aggressive and can be very opinionated. But in response, the Mass Production Evas each throw their replica spear into Eva 02, killing Asuka inside. Si querés hablar conmigo, escribile a @Asuka-LS. Asuka does not take part in the Eva cross-synch tests in Episode 14. The series' creators have described Asuka as a girl "who seeks to put herself above all others"[7]: in the very first scene Asuka appears in, she is standing on the control tower of the aircraft carrier, physically standing high above the landing pad where Shinji, Misato & Co. exit their helicopter transport. It is later revealed that on one of her first assignments, Asuka was forced to kill her mother after Angels took possession of her body. She wakes up from her sedated state after this, and begins to choke Shinji, screaming about how she "hates everyone.". In 2005, her mother participated in a contact experiment with Unit-02, but due to an accident, suffered a severe mental breakdown, becoming permanently hospitalized. See the locker full of ignored love letters in Episode 09. Asuka Langley Soryu is the Second Child and the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-02. She might be intelligent, but she lacks the maturity necessary to work with people. Asuka hated her stepmother as she was Kyoko's doctor who married her father. You can see and learn so many things from the process." In Petit Eva, Asuka is also shown to be Shinji's childhood friend, constantly getting into fights. She is 1/4 Japanese and 1/4 German (from her mother's side), although her nationality is American, as is, apparently, her father's, where she met Misato Katsuragi and Ryoji Kaji. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Asuka_Langley_Soryu?oldid=2101472. Initially Asuka seemed to view Shinji as competition in Episode 08 because of all the praise he was getting, and she tried hard to show off to him[8], even though Shinji didn’t act like competition. Her pride takes a few serious blows later down the road, and we see her mental state come gradually unglued. Her greatest pride is her Evangelion, Unit-02. When Asuka first meets Shinji she dismisses him as "boring", but when she hears from Kaji about his surprisingly high sync rate, she feels compelled to show off Eva-02 and its production model features, and then to demonstrate her prowess first hand by dragging Shinji into battle with her. [12]. Asuka's relationship with Shinji is one of the factors in the series and somewhat complex. For example, in Super Robot Wars Alpha, Asuka jealously seizes a bouquet of roses Shinji meant for Lynn Minmei. He keeps tugging her shoulder trying to get her to wake up but it is no use. Asuka makes a cameo appearance alongside Kaworu, Rei and Shinji in the fifth chapter of Marvel's Edge of Spider-Verse storyline, as classmates of Peni Parker. When her mother told Asuka that she was not wanted, and so should die with her, it might have been the impetus for Asuka’s entire teenage personality, as she certainly tries to make people "notice" her, and also to assert her independence and adulthood. A reinvigorated Asuka proceeds to reactivate the Eva, and rises from the lake engaging the JSSDF force in battle and later defeat all of the Mass Production Evangelions single-handedly. Asuka graduated college despite being a minor[5], although what degree she received is not stated. In Pre-Instrumentality, Asuka also told Shinji to stay away--for all he ever did was hurt her--and accused him of only going to her for help because she was the person who would hurt him the least. For her own safety, Asuka is interned in the Geofront's hospital, and placed under an artificial coma in Room 303. Yelling at Shinji Despite the pain and the state of Eva-02, Asuka manages through pure persistence and rage to force the Eva into berserk mode, as she determinedly reaches for the Mass Production Eva in the sky, swearing repeatedly she will kill them all. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Despite her hatred of Angels, she still befriends Kaworu after he reveals his true heritage to her. Although Asuka and classmate Toji Suzuhara constantly argue, she gives Hikari advice about pursuing Toji. First brought into the series in episode 8 "Asuka Strikes! Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku. Piloto de la unidad Evangelion 02. Even this was in no way a declaration of a relationship between them. She is the mother of Yamato Haseo. Asuka is so proud of being a pilot that she constantly wears her Interface Headset, even when in a swimming pool or at a hot springs bath. She spends a lot of time bitching and arguing and not a lot of time doing the work an Eva pilot is tasked with. Initially, Asuka and Rei don't get along well, symbolized by the fact that Rei is a vegetarian and Asuka thinks that it's stupid to be vegetarian because animals eat other animals. Asuka Langley Soryu (惣流・アスカ・ラングレー, SōryÅ« Asuka Rangurē) is a primary character in the Evangelion franchise (manga, anime and reboot films), and a main ally in Trooper Village Stories and Trooper Village Stories: The Awakening. "The prettiest girl of the school greets you. No longer sedated, Asuka eventually returns to consciousness and is surprised to find herself inside the Eva. Shinji starts to choke Asuka who is lying down, however she raises her hand against Shinji's cheek (similar to what his mother used to do) then Shinji broke down crying. Asuka Langley Soryu[2] is the Second Child, designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-02. Piloting the beastly Evangelion Unit-02, she was united with Rei Ayanami, pilot of Unit-00, and Shinji Ikari, pilot of Unit-01, under the auspices of NERV strategist Misato Katsuragi. All in all, she gets along better with other people than her first incarnation, not repressing her feelings for Shinji as much and eventually even making peace with Rei. She takes great pride in being a genius prodigy and makes fun of Shinji for being stupid. ️ Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami Rei Asuka Langley Soryu Mari Makinami Cosplay Costume for Women . Asuka, however, is by this point so deeply depressed that she is unable to make the Eva move even in the slightest, necessitating her immediate retrieval from the field. She also uses her popularity to get praise from elders like Misato and such. They both like each other but cannot be open with each other. She thinks of Rei's coldness as weird, and thinks Shinji is a wuss. After her contact experiment with Evangelion Unit-02, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu went insane and eventually committed suicide. Do-Gooder thanks, by the way, andrea_37 which software I need to install to use the user panel? Theory and Analysis:Film Montage Theory in Evangelion, seemingly unconscious and with a bandaged right arm and left eye, Theory and Analysis:Shinji and Asuka's Relationship, Neon Genesis Evangelion Academy: Record of Heaven's Descent, which depicted an expanded mindrape scene itself, https://wiki.evageeks.org/index.php?title=Asuka_Langley_Soryu&oldid=104205, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, (English): Tiffany Grant, Stephanie McKeon (Netflix). In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, she snaps Shinji out of his depressed state during the battle with the mass-produced Evas by declaring that she could not be with someone who'd simply lie down and die. Unlike the latter however, this Asuka lacks the f… Her best (and seemingly her only close) friend is her class representative, Hikari Horaki. Asuka is seen through the bathroom door putting a Towel on and then exiting the bathroom in Misato Katsuragi's apartment after having some Off Screen Bathing. After initial difficulties coming to a proper unison with Shinji, Asuka is "persuaded" to improve when faced with the prospect of Rei taking her place. As such, she was jealous when Rei joined them in school. Need I say more? However, Eva-02 is eventually defeated when its power runs out and it is impaled through the left eye by a replica of the Lance of Longinus. 208 Favourites. and "I cant believe I lost to a loser like you!". With antithetical characters, writers not only use contrast as a device for characterization, but they highlight the meaning of the conflict of the story. Her appearance is essentially unchanged from the TV series (although her haircolor is auburn brown instead of red), but her character and personality are noticeably different. By Koki-arts Watch. As a foreign girl in Japan, and a hot redhead at that, she gets a lot of attention from the boys in her class. Asuka is a very proud girl, especially in her piloting, and comes across to others as proud and strong, with a very high opinion of both her appearance and her skill as an Eva pilot. From the moment they cross paths, Asuka and Rei are bitter enemies, even though they have to work on the same side. meaning "How disgusting." It is very possible that the failure of the kiss and the feeling of "losing" Kaji are among the primary factors that lead to her sync ratio and capacity as a pilot gradually decay, further increasing her anguish and making her issues more apparent. Asuka Langley. She brags to Shinji and Rei about Her popularity. 2:46 This can be further supported by the fact that she is also the only Children whose number designation matches with her Evangelion's. See more ideas about asuka langley, asuka, neon genesis evangelion. © Valve Corporation. He attempts desperately, but fruitlessly, to wake Asuka, and in his attempt, he ends up ripping her shirt open and expose her breasts. She is best known for her outgoing and abrasive personality, as well as her need to be independent. She is a child prodigy and has earned a university degree in an unspecified field as a teenager; she also speaks fluent … Asuka is a native of Germany, having been raised there, though her nationality is technically American. Age: 30 Birthday: June 17, 1985 Known relatives: Misato Katsuragi (lover, former girlfriend), Asuka Langley Soryu (former guardian of) Blood type: A Kaji, while only being a special inspector, secretly works for SEELE investigating NERV's true intentions. (Shinji had actually saved Asuka from the volcano in Episode 10) "You won’t even hold me! Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Towards older people like Kaji, Misato and her family, she acts carefree and joyful. So lacking a stable mother figure, Asuka wanted to be strong and independent. Shinji is uncomfortable and somewhat awkward around her, probably because he can't seem to comprehend Asuka. Origin: Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony, Germany. Asuka Langley Soryu The Mass Production Evas eventually pauses their attack and takes to the skies, leaving a decrepit and mostly broken Eva-02 behind. Let the "Human Instrumentality Project" begin!