A securite, lockable parcel delivery box that takes care of all your home deliveries. They need to be a decent size, unlike, Architectural Mailboxes 6900RZ Elephantrunk, Shock absorbing cushion protects package drops, Step2 583099 Express Package Delivery Box, The use of a package lock box is all about the, Architectural Mailboxes 6900RZ Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box, Extra Large, Rubbed Bronze, BoxLock BoxLock001-1 Delivery Lock-Protect Packages from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and More, Yellow, Step2 583099 Express Package Delivery Box, 31"H x 18"W x 23"D, Mocha, Rotating drum design accepts large parcels, Retrieval door equipped with pry-resistant 3-point lock system with 2 keys, Equipped with a yellow "No Deliveries" indicator, Leave parcels behind the outgoing partition for pick up by carrier, CONVENIENT PROTECTION - Protect your deliveries from porch pirates and package thieves with Box Lock, the simple, convenient way to protect your package deliveries from all major carriers, SIMPLE DESIGN - Smart Padlock design works with a broad range of hasped storage containers, sheds, gates and doors.Shackle made from hardened steel to help resist unauthorized opening, EASY TO USE APP - Automatically collect and track packages from UPS, USPS, FedEx and in one place with the Box Lock mobile app, receive notifications when packages are securely delivered using Box Lock, SHAREABLE ACCESS CODES - Share access by texting or e-mailing barcodes to friends or family for one-time use, multiple uses or specific dates, READY FOR THE ELEMENTS - Rechargeable, weather resistant, connects to 2. Having a personal mailbox at Canada Post cost $30/month which is too much. Don't leave your packages exposed like this! 4Ghz Wi-Fi and lasts 45-90 days on a single charge, Keeps deliveries out of sight from porch pirates and nosy neighbors, Durable, sturdy plastic construction keeps your packages clean and dry, Large, easy-open lid makes retrieving packages quick and easy, “Deliveries” clearly marked on all sides to alert carriers to use your package box, Spacious interior (25” X 15” X 18”) accommodates most common parcel sizes. BoxLock Package Delivery Lock. 1763 N Gower St, The box locks when the mail carrier closes it. Facebook ..K H Garden furniture . The mobile app will allow you to receive notifications when packages are delivered so you know everything is safely tucked away into your box until your arrival home. Parcel Package Delivery Lock Box For Your Home. Security. Many homeowners and small businesses (including home based businesses) rely on a secure drop mailbox to help prevent package and identity theft.If you receive regular package delivery from The USPS, FedEx, UPS, EBay, or Amazon, having a secure drop mailbox with a lockable parcel box is a necessity. The box can be locked with a passcode you create and can change from the Ucella app. The spacious interior hold packages of almost any size. Likely the best part of the Keter Package Delivery Box is the fact that it’s both attractive and functional. Get your parcel drop box today! The Porch Pod connects to your home WiFi and uses tracking bar codes from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more to validate package deliveries and unlock. I decided to make a wooden drop box. Once parcels are placed inside, Landport’s heavy-duty latch snaps shut and locks on contact, creating a secure point of delivery at homes and small businesses. Most of the materials are from Home Depot for convenience but are expensive, Id recommend hardware/dollar stores for cheaper prices. The use of a package lock box is all about the safety and security of your packages. BoxesNBoxes Limited - UK - … Lockable Outdoor Wooden Boxes for every kind of Home Delivery, or just to keep all those outdoor odds and ends in one convenient location. This package lock box for packages reduces the chance of getting your package stolen because it keeps the items out of sight. Free shipping. This package lock box bolts securely to the ground. Porch Box is 28" W x 12.5" D x13.5" H Holds parcels up to 26.75" x 9.5" x 11" (or two 11" x 11.75" x 11" parcels Call your mail delivery service if they will put the parcel in the box! Parcel Package Delivery Lock Box For Your Home. Not all security measures are high tech. Adjustments can be made as some pictures below represent. An straightforward message on the door explains to the delivery person to put your delivery in the box. $$$$ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ USPS PO Box: Out of Home: Lockbox: Starting at $10 / mo. Value: 0 Mystery Package - Lock Box was a lock box that has a chance to open and reveal either a a regular Cardassian Lock Box or Ferengi Lock Box , or the much rarer Cardassian Lock Box - Gold or Ferengi Lock Box - Gold (chance tested with 100 Mystery Packages - 1:100). on Introduction. FREE Shipping. Having a personal mailbox at Canada Post cost $30/month which is too much. Delivery drivers are easily able to grab the box lock, scan the tracking number on your package, and drop it off. By buying a secure package delivery box, you are ensuring that your packages will be less obvious to thefts. Specs. Once in place, Landport is ready to go to work. Our package lock box is placed on your porch and can accept multiple package deliveries over time. 3.thread the rod through the eye screws on the opener. It is easy and quick to access in about 30 seconds. This will allow the delivery driver to drop the package into your box and secure it. Set jig slider & drill bit stop. Parcel Drop Box for $55: I love shopping online and buying electronics parts from china. Reply Of course, you want a package lock box that fits your needs but there is no need to spend a ton of money if you don’t have it. Cut lumber and plywood. 5 months ago, "We have a be nice policy.Please be positive and constructive. Made in USA. I'll post updates on how this box is holding up in our harsh weather. It's a super-secure lockbox for your package deliveries. Bolt down your Porch Box® for a buck (or so...) A Porch Box® can be bolted down to about any flat surface. Universal Shackle Portable Lock Box Controlling access to homes, rental properties, Controlling access to homes, rental properties, or construction sites has never been easier or more convenient. A yellow “no deliveries” indicator can be engaged when you are done receiving any packages. CA 90028, Courier services will drop the package at your home in your box and your package will be safe and secure until you arrive home.