You will be going on this build just like the AoE BP build. And make shure u save up all ur money couz ppl will rape you. In Flyff, there are a total of 21 classes to play as and 3 unrealeased classes. Yo-yo’s. (Taken From Flyff Wiki) So here is your build: STR:XXX STA:120 INT:15 DEX:15. Flyff 4.8 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! It is a ranged AoE with a 50% chance to slow the target by 50% when maxed. Note: 1v1 rangers can skip that skill and for hybrid it is a optional skill. Can be useful in collecting the spawn. They equip a bow and add Dex for a higher critical rate. Water mastery: When mastered this skill adds +15% damage to water attacks. They can giant well, and are essential for CWing. I am looking for something cheap/good money maker or easy leveling you know something good that can get started for a newbie. I personally would choose the second build just because of the flexibility it allows for you to use your own style of HnR, but it’s your choice the first build is good if you want to finish the monsters off quickly.The cons of the second build is that you won’t get as much damage in, but will get a lot of defense and vice-versa. omfg blades are THEEEE most expensive class in the game. Points left: 0. You may die once in a while, but don’t worry. Heap Up (Substitute for low Stamina) Haste Accuracy Resurrection [Optional: Put At Level 1] Beef Up Cannonball Stonehand [level 19]. haha, assist definately. 모든 다 먹어버릴 것 같지만, 귀여움에 반해버릴 것 같은 꽃돼지~ Think of it as an investment because for a small price, you’ll be able to use that cruiser until you are a Hero, so long-term, it’s good. Although I myself recommend at least 10 points to stamina for safety. If you’re gonna make a Str AoE BP. Thank You! No worries about buying a nice shield (ancient can be 50mil+). The others are just boosts that you’ll need for an HnR elementor. RM's? waterball (max lv 7.) Fly for Fun Cheapest Classes Guide by ace, Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Billposter Armor. Insanity Flyff GUIDE — How to get awesome equipment with little money. (Taken From Flyff Wiki). Since alone helped I’ll do something a little new and post the basic armors and weapons needed, but not required . REGISTER NOW TO REMOVE 90% OF ALL ADVERTISING ON THIS FORUM! So here it is, now go windfield something! Visuals are always good for any guide. The reason is that Bow Jesters (BJs as they are more commonly called) concentrate on getting a lot of criticals and making their attack speed very high. What sets Flyff apart is the fact that you can fly and that it is a well integrated aspect that you can gain fairly early in the game. Login or Sign Up Log in with. With it, you don’t really have to worry too much if monsters aren’t slowing (I don’t even bother slowing the spawn until I’ve finished collecting with this build) and can even level by tanking if you fancy a change from HnR from time to time. Blinkpool: Allows you to gain distance on the target more easily. Earlier on mercenaries may be a bit cheaper ish until lvl 45. but like the 2nd most expensive aside from the assist. Other than that, everything is 10x cheaper than other classes. (This was Taken From Patangua’s Guide To The Hit and Run Elementor). (All 1v1 BP information was taken from abhishekh’s guide. Points left: 58-38, Pulling: A yoyo skill you wont use it but it is needed to other useful skills like DI and PB so put it to lvl 4 (8 skill points) and leave it. Posts: 743 Points: 352 Likes Received: 84 Join date: 2014-07-01. Essence Flyff, aims to be v18 classic v20 content, Mid Rates and custom systems such … Nowhere else can you find such a great sale! Here are the skills you need to max in order: Max Heap Up Max Beef Up Max Burstcrack Max Prevention [Level 18] Stonehand Lv. Tout nouvel aventurier dans le monde de Madrigal débute en tant que Vagabond.Votre but est alors de vous familiariser avec le monde de FlyFF et d'acquérir de l'expérience en tuant des monstres afin de monter en niveau. We hope everyone had a fantastic year, wonderful and safe holidays! Points left: 0, Level 35 Skill points you have: 5 New Skills available: 1 Aimed shot: It is a good skill mastered but don’t put any point here now. Male and Female in Level 59 NPC Jester Armor. Cheapest Class - 01-24-2007, 03:29 PM Hi I just started playing Flyff and just reach'd lvl 15 and cant decided on what class to choose. But once they hit a higher level, they can't really handle monsters higher level due to the magic reduction penalty that they have.