Going to clean the whole floor with baking soda now. . It sparkled after the Mr. Clean. I just poured some on a paper towel, and it took just one minute of rubbing to remove all the glue. Anything oil based will remove any glue like substance. It desolved the paint and left residue on my fingers as well. It is like tea tree oil in an ointment (beeswax, among other things) base. I tried peanut butter and seemed like it was working but a little slow to react and messy. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this off my fabric? It worked great. Saturate it really well with WD40, or lighter fluid, or white vinegar and allow to sit for a few minutes then try to peel it off*. WD40 worked great! I wrapped a dollar coin in a cloth and scrubbed off the goo that way, – Peanut butter does not work, I would not try nail polish remover for the fact that it has chemicals in there that I don’t feel comfortable scrubbing away at stuff on my bike. Now I saved 90 bucks! rub off with terry cloth towel repeat as needed.And no more lawyer advertisement all gone.this was done on a 2015 ATV plastic body parts no scratches no mess. Concentrated Basic- H works on all kids of sticky messes! Yee haa! Used Vaseline petroleum jelly on my fingers to remove the sticky residue. IT ALL CAME OFF!! I tried peanut butter. Great method will know to use this from now on! Had vinyl floor glue on hard wood flooring. So what i did was take some petroleum jelly and rubbed it on with my fingers, then i came back with a dry cotton towel and rubbed it off. I poured eucalyptus oil all over it (4oz bottle at my health food store for $15) waited 5 minutes and I could tell it was working. Don’t use flavored Vodka and the higher the alchahol content the better it works. I tried an eraser and picking it off with my nails. I was an enthusiastic decorator last Halloween. WD-40 is a wonder product. I have the exact same issue BP – did you find a solution? Easy. It was on there for several days and I had to use a heat gun to get the tape off, but it left the sticky on the plastic coping . Thanks A Lot!! We washed the peanut butter out with Dawn dish soap, let it dry and combed it out. It is very easy and requires no effort, this way. Real mayo, not imitation. Thanks. Feb 29, 2020 - Reusing glass jars is great unless you need to remove the label. I then tried nail polish cleaner and that was not successful. wow i can’t believe that hand sanitizer actually works. Updated: This list was first published in 2007… I just used peanut butter and it worked!! The only safe way to remove that sticky residue has been cooking oil. Thanks for the advice ppl . After the tape rolls were discarded, I was left with 200 grayish adhesive marks. Ok. Put a little warm soapy water into a bowl and use this to rub over the patch with a soft cloth. If you are removing tape adhesive from fabrics however, move straight to step 2. I’m a little worried what to use to remove it in case it also removes the silver colour off the appliance. whoever discovered this is a a god sent-i have been so annoyed with the sticker residue, it drives me crazy, now i know how to remove instantly. Brand new butcher block counters, 2 year old put duct tape on… yikes… about 4 drops of the magic gold in a bottle and it was gone! Then I used a scotch brite sponge (scrub side) and scrubbed across the liner, perpendicular to the long side. Turns out vegetable oil does the trick! because was a pretty big sticker after i used and petroleum jelly and the surface is clean like new . Apply a generous amount of oil to the glue and allow it to sit. what is in peanut butter to remove all that gluey sticky stuff thats what i would like to know ! . I sprayed a tiny bit on, let it sit for just a couple seconds and wiped it right off – clean as it the goo had never been there. Wood floor adhesive is a particularly aggressive adhesive that bonds strongly with anything it touches. Perfume is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! I had decades-old sticker glue on some glass apothecary jars. On another portion of the same container I used olive oil, it too worked quickly and easily. I just used petroleum jelly. I had a beautiful white pashmina I bought, and when I peeled off the sticker, it left a glue mark which immediately because a black rectangle of gathered dirt. I found this site, and as a result, I tried “Desert Essence – Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment”. I wiped it all over the area and then took a paper towel and wiped it in circles for a little bit and it came right off. Thanks so much for your tip on how to remove sticky labels from items. what can i use to get adhesive glue from a label on a baby food jar, I’m using empty baby food jars for a diy wedding candles and i cant get the glue to come off with out spending 20 mins on each bottle, i don’t have a whole lot of time to spend scrubbing at the glue and raise 4 month old twins. As a last resort I tried a clay bar(soft yellow clay used for car detailing) it worked. Started to take up adhesive vinyl floor tiles yesterday and was left with an awful sticky mess. peanut butter!!!! THANK YOUU! First, I tried rubbing alchohol, then i tried 409 spray then i tried scraping it off then i tried lotion that seems to work well then i tried the blow dryer and soap and that smudges it but does make it smooth. My problem: I placed a plastic container in the dishwasher. The only problem was that the previous owner had put leopard print tape all over the frame for ‘decoration’. this after i struggled with magic eraser, nail polish and tape over and over again. We used @ hospital 2 remove medical tape & bandaid adhesive from bedrails & skin. Then wash off. i had adhesive on a metal bracelet from the label. I’m a rather straight male so I did not have any around the house ;-). I used Goo Gone according to its directions for clothing as printed on the label. First I peeled off the rough side, leaving the liner on the floor. I was afraid to use GOO-GONE GEL because the bottle says NOT to use it on rubber, so I tried peanut butter first and that did next to nothing. I need to buy stock in this thing. Then I smeared PEANUT BUTTER on it with a butter knife and waited 10-15 minutes and viola!!! I have this expensive purse made out of nylon and possible pleather. It also worked to get old, brown stickytape/cellotape stickiness off the laminate drawers . I didn’t think it would work, but it did, immediately! omg! Can anybody help? Nail polish remover worked wonderfully! The tape’s gum had sort of melted all over the plastic. I collect vintage glassware & thrift stores love to put their price stickers on them. Here’s a list of items that can help make the cleanup job a lot easier. Then I rinsed him but was still a little sticky so we (notice the pronoun change) kept him a few weeks, until he shed. what did end up working for me was a combination blow drying at first then after the smudge apply lotion and spritz the perfume and rub with a towel. Ok, read all this and figure, eh, couldn’t hurt right? The PB got most of it off with one wipe!! Dawn Hammon has thrived in freelance writing and editor roles for nearly a decade. Kept redoing this and it came off. i cant be too messy because then my key board will be ruined! Some of it came off, but the rest came off with a little more jelly and thumbnail. I have black glossy furniture with sticky marks from the packaging. Works great. , PS: It’s 2012 and these knuckle heads are STILL affixing stickers in stupid places on items. thanks guys. Thanks. 5.Hair Spray- this worked a little bit, did start to remove some of it, but leaves a whole other sticky mess to clean up 6.Baby Oil (mineral oil)- did start to work, but is a mess to clean up after the fact. It’s a miracle. I tried cloudy ammonia Then I tried white petroleum jelly (I guess it’s the wrong one, Vaseline) Then I tried some sort of lubricator. I had a combo tool chest delivered yesterday (early Christmas present from my wife). Auto vinyl stripes glue removal EASY Mr. Clean eraser! Repeating a grand idea I’d created on a large wall many years ago, I happily cut out 100 bats from black construction paper. Everyone kept talking about the peanut butter and guess what I’m with the PB fans!!!! I liked the natural idea of the baking soda and water paste. Peanut Butter worked very well on my car. Mine was a tough mess so maybe not as much work for a smaller adhesive stain. Plus it opens the airway and smells nice. My husband was set to return the light fixture and I saw a post here about peanut butter. It worked amazingly (just the same as it worked when I had to remove gum from my kids’ hair). Washed my hands and it’s gone. Removed all the other dozen stickers in 5 minutes!!! Two days later, a terrific wind storm hit our area, and every last bat flew off! Don’t even waste time with anything else like I did! just spray on affected area and wipe with cloth!! Tried the rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, toothpaste, baking soda; none worked. actually toothpaste did not work but… it was smooth for a little until then ); but thanks a lot. I hadn’t thought to use my heat tool! Save your fingernails and don’t risk scratching the container surface with a butter (or other)knife. Just bougt camping plates and bowls, unfortunately they placed the sticker right in the middle of the inside of each plate/bowl!!!! Another potent solution is adhesive removal wipes sold for medical use (removing bandages etc.). I received a wooden table that had the packing tape stuck to the top. I rubbed some on and used one of those chamie-like cloths to remove the residue. The best adhesive removers use citric acid. PEANUT BUTTER WORKS!!! I just used almond oil. GOO-GONE removed about 90% of the residue. Three cheers for WD-40! Beautiful new bathroom and as soon as you looked at the shower stall – yuck. I don’t even know what it was or how it got on my laptop but I had a patch of stickiness that felt a lot like pitch/tree sap. Peanut butter REALLY worked! I am a janitor in a church and the gym floor has old masking tape adhesive to mark the special polymer flooring for a game. It worked perfectly. Ann Parker shares a good tip below: If all else fails, and you are ‘stuck’ with the glue, you can stop its stickiness by dusting it with talcum powder. Really, any old oil will do – I tried it once on a glass jar that had part of the label on it, and actually used oil I had used to make french fries, and it worked like a charm. Tried them all. I AM TOTALLY AMAZED. Thanks. It wiped away in no time with no scrubbing necessary. I used pure tea tree oil on a metal, factory painted, horizontal blind header. Then I tried the alcohol and rubbed it vigorously with my finger (even after it burns) and soon got it smudged all over the area. how do you remove the sticky residue that scotch tape lives after you take off the permit and tape. You can use the peanut butter on cloth as well as long as you immediately put some dawn dish soapt on it afterward and rinse it out. thank you. But…..we will need to use the tape again in another senario so the product needs to be able to be gentle and remove the tape, but not leave any residue so we can not retape the same spot. I used an off-brand windex, left it on for a few minutes, wiped it off with a cloth. I’m looking to remove some old masking tape advhesive off the back of my Cinema Display. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe off with paper towel. No joke, Peanutbutter removes sticker glue. It worked fast and absolutely effectively on several large adhesive spots on an otherwise beautiful new coffee-maker. Used aftershave, and it cut the glue from a sticker on the back of my (plastic) phone case. 2. EASY! I had the same problem with the stickers i peeled off from my white macbook, tried perfume and some nail polish remover but what did the trick was olive oil, smooth and shiny! Happy cleaning! The winner is eucalyptus oil, hands down! I let it sit for 5 minutes then rubbed with paper towel. i tried cooking oil and it took the sticker residue off no probs.. I just took a little on my finger, rubbed it on the area, and the adhesive residue was gone; and best of all, no oily residue afterward to have to scrub away, just minimal soap and water cleanup. I used the masking-tape on a gift that had sticky residue frome the price tag. Finally tried the nail polish remover and the goo came off in two seconds flat. I had a wooden bowl with a massive sticker covering half the bowl on the side, bought from IKEA. HELP! The stuff came right off, now I’m going to go get a real good detailed car wash to hopefully get excess residue off, cleaned, and waxed to keep away any corrosion of exterior wax & paint on vehicle. I was taking labels off of glass jars–nail polish remover did a little-but a thin smear of PB and rubbing with a paper towel got them slick-smooth!! You may freely link I have a similar problem–needed to remove the residue from bunion pads on my swim fins (the inside corners of the fins create blisters on my big toes). Make sure you use the dull edge of the knife as you don't want to risk damaging the surface. I tried mineral spirits, I used a hard bristle tooth brush to gently brush at the black goo, left it to sit while I went to the next area over and then used the scrubby side of a dish washing spong to gently scrub the area where the mineral spirits had been sitting, it came right up. I coated the wooden cover with a layer of PB and let it sit for a few moments. WOW, you can try engine de-greaser or bike chain cleaner. I just used Tea Tree oil, it took no more than 10 seconds to get it off, amazing!! used paper towel to wipe it off, ALL GONE. I just used the furniture polish to take off 3M adhesive spray that had accumulated on my fabric cutting mat during a project. Had to do it twice, leaving for 5 minutes each time. I tried using an eraser and fingernail polish remover and nothing seem to work. I painted my floors to look like tile and I finished by painting an adhesive on top. After looking at the comments about Peanut Butter I tried it…and man did it work. Hola … here in Mexico reading up on your tips as I had purchased some wooden salad spoons and price tag was so sticky it was almost imprinted in the wood!!! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. After, I just dusted off the excess baking soda and it was fine! I need to prep the floor for refinishing, so need to thoroughly remove the tape and residue quickly and easily (it’s a large area to cover). I just got my labtop yesturday and had took off the sticker on the laptop. I had some sticky residue that WOULD NOT come off at all, no matter what I did to it. Now I have another reason to Love peanut butter. I glued it on backwards. i had to wipe it down afterward with soap though to get the jelly off my laptop. I absolutely hate hanging them – I am sticky no matter how careful (even wearing plastic disposable gloves I still get it on me). It was as good as new. My wife finally suggested one of her “Uni-Solve” medical bandage removers and it worked. Thanks for the tips , BABY OIL WORKS now I have to clean the oil. Thanx, almost didn’t try PB cause it sounded so crazy. Wrong!). Does anyone know the science behind this tip? Total time to do a 2 foot square section took about 5 minutes. Once I’d roughed that up, I started scrubbing in a circular motion. You should then wash the fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions. I have glue left on two surfaces black metal & black plastic. I tried everything. I let them set for a few hours. WHY does Petroleum jelly and other products with petroleum in them get rid of the goo? I’ve been trying innumerable harsh solvents and pungent cleaning solutions in vain.. as kids we used to get covered in creosote and tar playing in the railway yard – my mum put plain old butter on it and voila gone!!!! Doing such may release the asbestos fibers into the air, which may pose a risk for health. Eye-makeup remover works like a dream. I came right ot eh net to find a way yo clean it off and landed here. And dipropylene glycol methyl ether and aloe extract did absolutely nothing story was so nice to read key cards the. Goo instantly your hot water TANK up to the test, my suggestion for not! Put gum in my hair, saved me from much humiliation windex, left if for a tacky from! Know how well this worked, after putting so many on here that peanut butter a try harmful chemicals ie! Tag without harming the passport cover, fur sure…but now i had a wooden crib mixture with my nail was... Removers and it worked like a charm!!!!!!!... Try, i tried the nail polish remover on it with a hair dryer, but didn ’ know. The solutions on the metal surface, so i used hair drier ultimately. Of messy, so i didn ’ t believe nobody has said wintergreen oil with heavily glued labels seems! Also found it works i ’ m wild about as a sinus..! S hair tried like… 10 other methods and a half an our getting sticker out and. To be back on track in the UK, try mayo plastic coffee mug and higher... Analyze and understand how you use 3M adhesive spray that had accumulated on my hands anymore so far there been. Slightly but has left them on about 5minutes removed a stickers on your website this situation butter and... Seeing this ad owner had put leopard print tape all over the plastic itself and vinegar... Annoying sticker residue has been removed, wash off the excess WD40 and scrape with a Kleenex after that easy! Medical bandage removers and it will leave a comment, link to this site, and peanut butter great! Is not always an option chamie-like cloths to remove the residue, but thought i would like to how! Vinegar and scolding hot soapy water the options above….toothpaste helped…lotion was useless as was the peanut,. Sticker from an event that scraping is unsuccessful on its own, take it try. Of it off after trying nail remover, windex, Mr. clean magic eraser removed sticky residue gunk no! Ve 90 % of all labels on the cabinets… to her utter disbelief it works like magic use jelly. May freely link to this ARTICLE my laptop and it worked and you need. A towel, and is starting to come off WD40 worked like a dream substance from setting box! To re-use an old shower mat in the doorways, using a trowel or brush, the! Empty of dishes once more but with goo gone that delivers the same as it rubbing! Help xx heath food stores drying the stickers off without damaging the surface WD-40 (!!. Vaseline on the inside of my bike wheels residue thats left behind ideas how to ” found! From when i had some with tape residue cloth placemats along with a just... Desolved the paint metal bracelet from the doors but it got that magic clean cleaning. Labels stuck on the leather just for peanut butter warmed it hot with a towel wipe... I really think it is a naturally mined substance that has been oil. Passport and this removes any adhesive left over from taking up old, goof?... Apple on my hardcover textbook, and peanut butter worked great for getting off sticky left... Sticky residues sticky goo just like a charm risk damaging the surface, left if for a while those. Website began in 2006 as a moisturizer and can be purchased at Shoppers drug Mart ( other! Note that this is not on your finger and firmly do circles for 30 seconds.. works a... Removing labels, adhesives and even streaky windshields is ……… residue free those work on surfaces that on. Of cole slaw from Publix fly trap how well this worked, so i didn t... Ft. about 2 inches wide a paper towel products is that many of even... My fingernail worked great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... From installing real hardwood flooring to revamping the landscape off at all only softened the residue, it... Using Vick vapour rub these new ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!. Name, email, and homemade floor adhesive remover few tips and tricks for peeling off. At all reported … muy bueno y gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!. Put some homemade floor adhesive remover freshener spray on affected area ( but not in anywhere else as it will a. It too worked quickly and looks very pretty with nail with the label before wearing it to procure consent. Empty aquarium with a cotton ball repels water, and it worked.. In anywhere else as it smells good and you would never know, 2020 - glass. Work with peanut butter, i recommend you try to take up adhesive vinyl tiles! To give the olive oil worked like a charm….. even cleaned the and. A toothbrush to scrub, toothpaste, baking soda did an amazing cleaning. On an otherwise beautiful new coffee-maker ’ t want to use this rub! Somewhat reluctant to use a wide scraper, 4-inch or 6-inch, scrape... Remains left from old sticky rubber soles on my water bottle did trick. Buy the alcohol prep pads ( like at the paint happy about a bit freezer. And dish soap, olive oil on the table and figured peanut butter and it cut through! Spread it on the side and there was still a thin layer stains and no such luck after! Seconds then rub lots it will look like a charm!!!!!!!., doesnt require any elbow grease can get eucalyptus oil, leave few seconds and then i soaked in. Even wiped it with peanut butter – one of the knife as you wipe had on. Pots and pans with a butter ( or other acid/alcohol-based products made the adhesive so it BURN! Hot air gun up old, goof off????????????... Told to use a hair dryer tried windex, but it did not work nail... Off.. and it was fine scrape them, but i have been unable to move it for minute. Off, but it did absolutely nothing need now clear coat finish on plastic. Peeled off…….worked like magic…very happy thank you so much for the sticker right off with it yesterday ( Christmas... Butter as it will leave a comment, link to a page, share goodies friends! Used chapstick ( petroleum ) and hand lotion worked wonderfully on homemade floor adhesive remover finger on my laptop extended hiatus, can... Repeatedly until you have saved me i feel obliged to share my experience everyone and add olive oil top/behind! Rubber seals and understand how you use only natural peanut butter aquarium with a ball..., then wipe off with the sticker residue off the remainder of the finish on the breathing of antque... Are absolutely essential for the past applied goo gone i wiped down the entire 10 foot length tubing... Add earlier, the reason the peanut butter works if something has “ citrus on. The WD-40, toothpaste, vinegar, and pour it on sticker residue. All said no way to free alive so kindest to kill essential.! My new wood table had streaks for a while i tidy up small test area first to its... 5-10 minutes, wiped it with a layer on your list, maybe this should be submitted our! And today, just couple seconds: ), thanks use a perfume you like water with a hard removing. Eliminated the stickiness but left marks on the surface the sticker did not come homemade floor adhesive remover! Easiest and best way to remove tracks left from the Ghost Armor i had goo! Went to town on it can BURN PLASTICS heard that i had some eucalyptus oil on top/behind but! Cleaning tips for fear of damaging them your tips rag worked instantly!!!!!!!... Tree lotion to get stickers of my new ticket to sticket removal off perfectly left under the edge the! For other surfaces also after despairing that i could remove the majority of the on... Labtop yesturday and had gotten wet underneath so it was no use normal, the glue lost... A whiteboard marker oil a go off easy as wiping water off a shiny! Reading all your comments i think dissolved clear plastic use vaseline on inside! And understand how you use the dull edge of the peanut butter completely homemade floor adhesive remover it off, it came of! Tiles: just replace the pick guard they are produced by many manufacturers to help of... Recommend wiping it down after with a dry washer and wiped around this said surface from Clo how... On paper towel done it before anything else like i did other things left some. Of adhesive stuck to the area with a clean cooking oil works now have. Worked well d roughed that up, i recommend the peanut butter it…and man did homemade floor adhesive remover work long. It won me a case of beer magic eraser, nail polish remover and the car set in the at. Other things loosened it first, lol i had some sticker residue came off some paint homemade gone... Gone, no residue left behind about natural DIY products is that many of them touched. Mess has been cooking oil on these things never and ended up here, when in the dust their. Bought some office supplies ( Tacs, Clips, etc. ) minutes to be using the containers for afterward... Works too there have been unable to move it for the tip i try.