The following are a list of various types of military discharges: Honorable Discharge. On October 16, Chen from EXO shared an elaborate letter stating that he would be enlisting himself for the military service. He got discharged from the military on November 10th, 2019. His discharge date is November 11, 2019. So long as you are an adult male below 30 years of age, you can enlist for military service at any time. It is the duty of all Korean male citizens and that includes celebrities. Kyuhyun enlisted in the military in 2017 as a public service worker. Mark your calendars! Navy Discharge-Notice of Separation from U.S. Naval Service : Form NAVPERS-663B Title : Discharge … I was Discharged from the military 20 years ago–Can I change my military discharge? Fellow members Xiumin and D.O have already enlisted back in … SHINee's Key will be discharged from his mandatory military service duties per COVID19 protocol in just 2 weeks!. Image Source: Lysn Chen had recently announced his military enlistment just 10 days ago a day after he released his musical single titled Hello. How to Find an Ex-Military Discharge Status. And other Frequently Asked Questions It is an honor to help fellow veterans who are facing difficulties in their lives and don’t know who to turn to for answers. Military veterans and next-of … EXO Members Military Enlistment Dates. Xiumin got his start in the China-focused unit EXO-M before the act’s two teams, Korea-based EXO-K and EXO-M, joined together in 2013. Chen's military enlistment. There are a number of conditions under which a veteran can leave the military, whether it is at the end of a long career or just a few years of service. The National Archives and Records Administration stores these records for official and personal use. It indicates the service member performed duties well, faithfully executed the mission, and was an asset to the branch of the military where the member served. Discharge … ... Simmons, I was discharged under honorable conditions (general) and have a date entered as 4/23/92 and separation date of 4/20/94. Chen confirmed that he will enlist on October 26th. This date is used by the VETS-100 report to determine which … According to SM Entertainment, the location and time of Chen's enlistment will be kept private. According to Soompi portal, he wrote "Hello, this is Chen. Search by SSN, name, date of casualty, etc. It contains everything from total time in service, dates of entry and discharge, dates of rank, documentation of foreign service, ribbons, medals and badges awarded, professional military education completed, characterization of service, and reason for discharge (among other things). for records of U.S. Army casualties documenting the period 1961-1981. However you won’t get an honorable discharge or one “under honorable conditions” under 180 days under any normal conditions. So I thought it would be a good idea to share the new military discharge dates of some of the Korean actors and idols. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has completed his mandatory military service! Chen becomes the fourth EXO member to head for mandatory military service after Xiumin, D.O., and Suho. Military Discharge Date Read only if Recently Separated Veteran is not Checked (Doc ID 1961881.1) Last updated on SEPTEMBER 26, 2019. EXO member Chen has confirmed he will be enlisting for the military training on October 26. are still doing their military service. Civil War Battles Provides date(s), campaign, principal commanders, forces engaged, estimated casualties, description, and results. Honorable Discharge 8 Types of Military Discharge. On October 16th, Chen took to EXO's official fan community, Lysn, and shared a handwritten letter regarding his military enlistment. Naval Service : Form NAVPERS-566 Title : Standard Statement of Service : Form NAVPERS-660 Title : Honorable Discharge from U.S. Navy : Form NAVPERS-661 Title : Certificate of Discharge, U.S. Birth dates: 22nd May 1991 (Suho), 27th November 1992 (Chanyeol), 21st September 1992 (Chen), 6th May 1992 (Baekhyun) EXO-Ls! Honorable Discharge. Be prepared with a box of tissues as 4 boys of the K-pop mega group are set leave to fulfil their military enlistment. Previously, on Aug. 13, Specialist Ryan Offutt, 32, received a bad conduct discharge for hazing and maltreating Chen prior to his suicide. Definition. After an extremely long wait, EXO‘s D.O is finally getting discharged from the military! To locate a military veteran's discharge status, obtain records such as the Form DD-214, which shows proof of service. Chen is enlisting in the military this month. Seogoong – I’M I’M enlisted in the military … The type of military discharge a veteran receives will be listed on his or her DD-214 Military Discharge Paperwork. The DD 214 is a complete documentation of military service. … They have started as a rookie group who have been misjudged by the public as the first “failure group” of SM Entertainment to proving their popularity when they hit their turning point with “Growl” in 2013, becoming multi-million sellers, to being a worldwide-known K-pop group. Taeyang and Daesang will be completing their military service soon. 1 hour ago. On October 15, Chen dropped his new single 'Hello' with … Military Discharges Explained. Field or Control. EXO’s D.O Finally Gets An Official Discharge Date From The Military And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier. Required by law, every able-bodied Korean male must serve in some capacity in the military before they are 29 , and sadly that includes our favorite baes. Chen becomes the fourth member, after Xiumin, D.O., and Suho, from the group to enlist. The nature of your discharge can have an impact of your life after departing from the service, including your ability to get veterans benefits or find employment. * Records are accessioned into the National Archives, and become archival, 62 years after the service member's separation from the military. How to Check Army Discharge Status. For OMPFs with separation dates after the years listed in the above, click Location of Military Service Records, Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs) and Health and Medical Records. EXO’s Xiumin will be discharged from the military in line with COVID-19 regulations. When you leave the Army, you are given a discharge status. The older members, such as Xiumin, Su-ho, Baek-hyun, Chan-yeol and Chen, which are the hyungs line could enlist in the military together, while EXO would be only promoting with four members. Ji Chang Wook will be discharged 16 days earlier than originally anticipated, he will be discharged on the 27 th of April 2019 instead of the original 13, May, 2019. The soldier was also sentenced to a … Exo management says Xiumin has been unofficially discharged after serving 18 months in the South Korean armed forces. EXO have been active with their promotions since their debut in 2012. How to find out month and day of my enlistment+discharge,i know my years - Answered by a verified Military Lawyer. Technically there is no minimum, the character of service is based on your service, not the length of it. All Military Enlistment/Release Dates for Korean Drama and KPop Stars For any diehard Kpop or KDrama fan there is no sadder day than when their bias heads off to complete their military service. Jasmine Turner. BIGBANG’s Taeyang Discharged Taeyang joined the military on March 12, 2018, undergoing his five-week training then got assigned to a unit in the army. EXO‘s D.O is finally getting discharged from the military and will be returning on January 25, 2021. Band mates Suho, Chen, and D.O. Fans have been anxiously awaiting his return after extremely long wait. The type of military discharge that they receive may impact what paths are open to a new veteran after their military service is over. All Personnel with discharge dates 1898 to 1958* Please order these records by using the process outlined in, "How to Access Archival Records, Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF)" . Military Discharge Date: Enter the employee's military discharge date. Applies to: PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Human Resources - Version 9 to 9.2 [Release 9] Information in this document applies to any platform. BIGBANG members Taeyang and Daesung’s discharge date is drawing closer. News. Please Note: On July 12, 1973, a disastrous fire at the NPRC destroyed approximately 16-18 million Official Military Personnel Files. This is the highest discharge a military member can receive. Symptoms As he left in the midst of the peak of his career, fans have been anxiously awaiting his return. Moreover, Kyung-soo's first project post his military discharge is a film tentatively titled The Moon alongside Sol Kyung-gu of The Merciless fame. Benefits exhaust claim with a patient discharge: * Bill type: 211 or 214 * Covered days and charges: Business office staff should submit all covered days and charges as if the beneficiary had days available up until the date of discharge * Patient status code: Use appropriate code other than patient status code 30 Note: Bill type 210 should not be used for benefits exhaust claims submission.