However, buyers were unimpressed at how sharp it was out of the box. Grip the tool with both hands. This product is a draw knife with a sharp 5” curved blade, 5 mm thick and with a 30° angle for fast and accurate work. Words of caution, don’t use a sharp chisel to debark, or a draw knife unless you are being very careful. It comes with a sturdy leather sheath. This product features a 5” ultra-sharp blade which is 5 mm thick with a 30° angle. my grandfather’s knife for many years with fair results, but I’ve always wanted a better one with nicer handles and a curved cutting edge. I've had mine for years. 2,109 Reviews Scanned. It is pulled or “drawn” (hence the … If a small draw knife is what you are after the Timber Tuff TMB-05DC definitely fits the bill. This draw knife could be a good choice if you need a tool for debarking logs. The high carbon steel blades of the splitting knife allow a woodworker to create complex curves and concaves as well as straight cuts. An extremely sturdy and durable construction the Stubai Drawknife is a great choice for woodworkers that need a mid-sized shave tool for general woodworking use. As they say, the handles tend to slip a bit through your hands. These are best used for something like scooping out the saddle of a chair seat. The Best Curved Draw Knife of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed. In this way, it can be used to shave apart the entirety of the wood fiber and also does not cut against it. The smaller knife is ideal for carving and finishing furniture pieces while the larger blade is the ideal size for shaving or peeling bark from larger logs with 6-inch diameters or more. It consists of a blade with a handle at each end. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Overall, it's solid if you are a hobbyist and you are willing to keep it sharp. The beautiful leather sheath offers protection and adds to the appeal of the Flexcut brand. The dimensions of the blade are such that it is longer along the cutting edge as compared to the deepness (from the back edge to the cutting edge). The blade was ultra-sharp right out of the box and deynamic enough to cut cloth and debark lumber. The drawknife is best suited for removing large slices of wood such as when debarking trees, creating billets for a lathe, or shaving like a spokeshave plane where quantity is more important than quality. At first I thought the ball handles would be awkward but it turns out they are my most favorite draw knives and I have a bunch of different types. Great for smaller logs and railings, etc. However, the difference between a shaving knife and a spokeshave is that it does not comprise of a closed mouth to finely control and design the formation of chips, and thus, it is inferior when compared to a spokeshave, which has a much better ability to shave and cut wood with precision and accuracy. Felled Draw Shave Knife – 8in Straight Draw Knife Straight Draw Shave Tool Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool 4.4 out of 5 stars 329 $27.99 $ 27 . The Lumberjack Tools (DK1000) 10″ Draw Knife Review, 5. I'm ready to purchase a draw knife and I see there are at least 2 kinds, curved and straight. However, some purchasers complain about the blade being a little flimsy. When it comes to buying tools the manufacturer definitely matters as any craftsman would want a tool that not only performs well but also lasts forever. One purchaser says the blade he received had numerous nicks. 10 Best Draw Shave Tool Reviews. Montana Hewing Knife - is worked like a draw knife, acts like a adze, just 5-times faster. 99 $32.19 $32.19 Made from a single piece of high-quality German steel this drawknife is a must have for any woodworker, boatbuilder or carpenter as it is extremely sharp and long-lasting. The blade comes sharp and beautifully honed right out of the box so no time is wasted before this tool can be put to use. Users like the construction of this product, but do complain about the necessity to sharpen it. In general, users are happy with the Timber Tuff Curved Draw Knife. It is a versatile tool that can be a great addition to your set of carpentry tools. Timber Tuff Draw Tool. Ox-Head 10″ x 1-3/8″ Straight Drawknife, OX3752500, 8. The large wooden handles provide excellent grip while the 8-inch blade does its work. They praise its sturdy construction and comfortable grip. A drawknife is a traditional woodworking hand tool used to shape wood by removing shavings. Below we review five of the best-selling draw knives- but if you want our top pick right now, it's the Flexcut 5" Draw Knife. The Timber Tuff (TMB-05DC) Curved Draw Shave Tool Review, The Timber Tuff (TMB-08DS) Straight Draw Shave Tool, The Ox-Head (OX3752500) 10-Inch Straight Drawknife, The Lumberjack Tools (DK1000) 10" Draw Knife, The Timber Tuff (TMB-05DC) Curved Draw Shave Tool, Timber Tuff TMB-O5DC Curved Draw Shave Tool, The Timber Tuff (TMB-08DS) Straight Draw Shave Tool Review, The Ox-Head (OX3752500) 10-Inch Straight Drawknife Review, The Lumberjack Tools (DK1000) 10″ Draw Knife Review, The Timber Tuff (TMB-05DC) Curved Draw Shave Tool Review, The 5 Best Raven Cosplay Costumes [Ranked], Follow The blade of a drawknife is usually sharpened to a chisel bevel. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They agree that it is sturdy and well-shaped.Satisfied buyers say that it holds the edge from repeated use and that it feels good to use in the hand. This draw knife might be a good choice if you want one that is specially designed to flex around contours and accommodate concave or convex surfaces. The 10 in. Well priced and robust it is little wonder that this Timber Tuff also makes it as Amazon’s choice for ‘scorp’ in 2020. Even though Timber Tuff may not be the highest quality blade to feature on this list its affordable price point with its sturdy enough design and durable long-lasting blade make it a phenomenal low-cost tool that can save you hours of tiring labor work. However, with so many different choices it can become challenging to select the best draw knife for your specific needs. Buyers also appreciate the leather sheath/holster since it makes the knife safe to store. The ideal way to use it is to not pull the blade completely perpendicular to the wood stock. But when your best knife, chisel, gouge, V tool or rotary bit just can’t do the job, then it’s time to turn to one of these exceptional tools. The Log Wizard debarking tool is suitable for individuals … The Timber Tuff is a high-quality long-lasting draw knife that is ideal for building furniture and shaving timber. The Stubai Drawknife lives up to these expectations with a wicked sharp blade and comfortable sturdy handles that makes debarking logs a breeze. Let the end of the bar and your hands do the work. However, some buyers complain about the plastic handles, stating that they aren’t as good as wooden ones. Stubai is a well-reputed European manufacturer that specializes in fine edge tools for woodworkers. These specialty knives consist of a blade with a handle on each end (Source). In addition, he complains about the handles which were cheaply made and cheaply attached. I have a large selection of trees, but most are only around 10” in diameter. (Source). A pricier, higher-quality option is the Stubai Drawknife. In this way, the woodworker can patiently and gently lever the blade in such a way that it 'bites' into the wood and this allows the user to precisely control the depth of the cut by lowering or raising the handles as it is slowly pulled towards them. It can also be used to shave wood similar to a spokeshave plane, in which the finer finishing is of less priority than finishing the work faster. As they share, it doesn’t come sharp out of the box. And it even has artistic wood-sculpting purposes. I will look into the best … In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Flexcut5’’ Draw Knife and they agree that it is well-honed and razor sharp. Well-made/Proper angle of the handles /Sturdy construction/Comfortable grip, Buyers complain about receiving a knife which is not finished well (not sharp)/One dissatisfied buyer complains about the useless blade guard, Complaint– may block slots due to its large width/Complaint – poor instructions, Sturdy/Well shaped/Holds the edge from repeated use/Feels good to use in the hand, Some buyers complain about the finish of the blade surface and the sharpness/One purchaser says he received a blade with numerous nicks, cheaply made and cheaply attached handles, Some buyers complain that the fans are loud when running in performance/Frequent complaint – very big, Well-honed/Razor sharp/Perfect size and curvature/Good leather sheath/holster, Cools very well/Handles overclocking/Very quiet, Some purchasers complain about the blade being a little flimsy/One purchaser says both wooden handles came off after a few hours of use, Frequent complaint– bulky and might be difficult to install, Works great/Razor sharp edge/Holds the edge for a long time, Some buyers complain about the plastic handles (slip a bit through the hands), Some users complain that the stock fans are loud at high RPM, Sturdy and straight/Great smooth action/Appropriate quality for the price, Easy to install/Not bulky/Great value for the price, Some buyers complain about having to sharpen it upon arrival /Frequent complaint – blade is not of hardened steel and thus chips and won’t hold an edge, Several purchasers state that they had difficulties with the installation, ​Buyers complain about receiving a knife which is not finished well (not sharp), ​One dissatisfied buyer complains about the useless blade guard, ​Some buyers complain about the finish of the blade surface and the sharpness, ​One purchaser says he received a blade with numerous nicks, cheaply made and cheaply attached handles, ​Some purchasers complain about the blade being a little flimsy, ​​One purchaser says both wooden handles came off after a few hours of use, ​​Some buyers complain about the plastic handles (slip a bit through the hands), ​Some buyers complain about having to sharpen it upon arrival, ​​Frequent complaint – blade is not of hardened steel and thus chips and won’t hold an edge, Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8", 1. The knife glides over the timber, with the angle adjusted by hand for the desired planing effect. They conclude that the quality is appropriate for the price. Here at Knifepulse, we talks about everything knives.You may be thinking of hunting knives, cooking knives, or maybe even combat knives.But today, we’re going to look at something quite different. To understand the nature and use of the Draw Knife check out a highly instructional resource Chairmakers Notebook by Peter Galbert which provides an in-depth study of chairmaking and includes many detailed chapters on the Draw Knife. Can someone please explain the different uses and/or why you might choose a 5" instead of a 10"? in stock. Two Cherries 500-1320 225-Millimeter Drawknife with Straight Blade, 7. Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool, 5″, 5. The general user consensus concerning the Timber Tuff Straight Draw Knife is that it is a well-made tool with proper angle of the handles. Draw Knife Classic Splitter knife 4.3 inch Wood Carver's Straight Splitting mini Drawknife for Shaving and Debarking Wood Wood carving tools Razor-sharp (Drawknife) 4.3 out of 5 stars 69 CDN$ 26.95CDN$26.95 Get it by Saturday, Aug 15 Manufactured in the USA, the Flexcut is a high-quality drawknife that is sure to last a long time and offer unparalleled sharpness and versatility. Spuds are better than draw knives for thicker bark such as Eastern White Pine, Poplar and similar, thicker-barked trees. 1. It is 'drawn' or pulled toward the artist, which is what gives it the name of 'draw knife'. Furthermore, the artist/sculptor can add further power to their pulls by using the strength of their legs. Even though this product is currently unavailable it promises a lot in terms of quality, value, and convenience. Many factors were accounted for when selecting these draw knives including customer reviews, value, durability, supplier credibility, and unique features. The Draw Knife is mainly for debarking and shaping logs, and perhaps also dowels. Its wood grip handles are comfortable and provide you with a secure hold. Each of the draw knives featured on this list has different features and selling points that make them attractive to the right buyer. Ever swung a cricket bat? Applications range from crafting wood spoons and decoy hunting ducks, to skinning bark from hardwood poles. Its cutting edges are finely polished for the best cutting performance. The blade is made of durable HRC 30 hard steel. 1 new from $19.95. If you are looking for a draw knife, you might want to consider the Timber Tuff 5’’ Curved Draw Shave Tool. Buyers say that this isn't a fancy or ultra high quality option, especially for the price. This item seems like a solid choice if you want to easily shave wood from logs, wood, fence posts and more. A typical example is made up of a sharp blade with a grip handle on both ends. The protruding handles allow the user to get plenty of power behind each stroke. A must-have for any woodworker as it helps save on time and energy resulting in much better finishes. Thumb pads are sometimes cast in the frame, so that’s where your digits belong. I plan on cutting logs for a cabin, and thank you for the information you have given. Top 10 Best Draw Knives Our Top Picks in 2020 When it comes to deciding who makes thedraw knives or who the draw knives are, there are a selection of world-renowned companies that you can rely on The good news is, we’ve tested tons of these increasingly popular true Best draw knives, and found the best of the best. The Ox-Head Straight Drawknife is a good option if you are looking for long-lasting sharpness in a tool. To use a draw knife, lay your log in a steady place where it won't roll. It also comes with an attractive leather sheath. The largest sized Timber Tuff to feature on this list the TMB-10S is a 10-inch drawknife that is designed specifically for debarking and furniture building. Buy Now. This article looks at the 8 best draw knives available for sale in 2020 that feature well-renowned brands and some new entrants that show real promise. This sturdy durable draw knife with its large handles offer comfort and practicality. Each draw knife comes with its own leather sheath which not only looks great but also provides essential protection that helps retain the blades sharpness. If you have a folding pocket knife, you might be able to hack it into a mini-draw-knife- wedge the tip into a small stick, use tape or twine to close up the split, then use the body of the knife as one handle, and the stick as the other. Spokeshave Tips. A drawknife (also known as a draw shave or shaving knife) is a hand tool used in woodworking that is generally used to shape wood by shaving. The blade itself is curved at a 30-degree angle for better accuracy and precision and is 5mm thick for extra durability. You can use it to strip bark from tree trunks. This product features 5 inches of workable edge. Plus, they find the size and the curve to be perfect. The best draw knives are able to not only peel logs but also strip bark and trim timber. After 2 1/2 years my quick down and dirty bridge has failed. Top5Reviewed is reader-supported. Users love the sharpness of this product but do complain about its flimsiness. Last Updated October 1, 2020 By George Miller. ... BeaverCraft Draw Knife Woodworking Tool 4.3" Drawknife Wood Carving Tools Wood Splitting Knife... $19.95. Remember, that a draw knife is a fracking HAZARD, 8" to 12" inch long RAZOR sharp blade with NO protection and if it isn't sharp enough to cut your flesh deeply with just the slightest touch, it isn't sharp enough for wood. Its flexible blade conforms to projects as needed and its two ergonomic ash hardwood handles provide a solid grip. There are draw knife type tools that have the curve bent into the blade so it forms a cylindrical shape. The Ox-Head (OX3752500) 10-Inch Straight Drawknife Review, 4. If you are looking for a reliable tool for your debarking needs, this might be a solid option. Spuds also work but are more likely to dig in. Straight Draw Shave Tool by Earth Worth is designed to be both functional and stylish. as of December 3, 2020 8:43 am . It comes with an included blade protector which keeps the blade sharp and protects the user. Others complain about the material of the blade (not hardened steel) which causes it to chip and not hold an edge. They state that it works great. Clay, 7/10/2016 I have all three of these knives. The handles on either side of it can be beneath the level of the blade, or on the other hand, they can be at the same level as the blade. Mine came razor sharp but not polished like the pics. This item could be a good choice if you are looking for a draw knife with a good control over wood shaving. However, some buyers complain about the finish of the blade surface and hence the sharpness. However, buyers complain about receiving a knife which is not finished well. Our team has a variety of backgrounds, with a mixture of soft and hard sciences represented. This Two Cherries drawknife is a premium product at a slightly premium price. Designed with a long lasting sharpened/hardened steel blade, this durable tool will hold up for years. They like that it is sturdy and straight, and they also praise its smooth action. The high-quality design and construction of this drawknife coupled with the comfortable positioning of the handles and an ultra sharp long-lasting blade make this one of the best drawknifes available for sale in 2020. 1. The Timber Tuff (TMB-08DS) Straight Draw Shave Tool Review, 2. In general, users have a favorable opinion of the Ox-Head Straight 10’’ Draw Knife. Get the best deals on Wood Draw Knife Indiana Collectible Knives when you shop the largest online selection at If you are looking for a top-rated draw knife, … Draw Knives. The Small Scandinavian Draw Knife has a hand forged, wedge-shaped edge for maximum control, and it enables you to take a nice cut without the blade digging in. It features ergonomically-shaped riveted hardwood handles. Users love the sharpness of this product but do complain about the plastic handles. When buying a drawknife, many users seem to prefer the smaller blades of 5-10-inches, which gives you more control and allows you to be more accurate with your cuts.